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Colors Kuril Bobtail

Color in the Kuril Bobtail is very different, with any amount of white.
Prohibited under the standard color - "color-point (this color is not approved !!!), typical Siamese cats, as well as chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and fawn," abisinsky and their combinations with white. The remaining colors are recognized. Preferred the "agouti."

  • Red

red marble

red marble

red spotted

red spotted


red spotted


red mackerel


  • black



black and white



  • cream

cream mackerel

cream marble

  • blue




  • Wild

black mackerel with white

  • Golden tabby




  • Tortoiseshell (black and red)







  • Blue-cream tortie


Tortoiseshell color - color of cats called so because the similarity with the color of tortoise shells. Tortoiseshell cat color the most interesting from the standpoint of perception pattern. Multicolor, brings to them in your life wonderful variety of her and sometimes amused.
Tortoise-shell color is not only unpredictable, but sometimes volatile, and even tell what each molting is making some changes in the main picture. Cats tortoise-color rare, they are almost always sterile, so if you desire to Ignite zaimet cat tortoiseshell color, be prepared to ensure that it will be a cat. The whole range of tortoiseshell color is formed by a combination of colors - black, red and cream. Most favorably with those cats in which these colors are mixed in a ratio of 1: 1. Almost all of the directories indicate a desired bar as the presence of markings on the muzzle the animal.
In blue tortoiseshell cat, black is replaced by blue and red on a cream-colored (a combination of blue and cream).
If your cat has stripes, hence its image - "tabby". . If you look at wool at hand, we see that each hair is colored dark and light stripes. This alternation is called "agouti." It is considered that the tabby - is the original color of wild, non-domesticated cats. Tabbies come in a wide variety of colors.
For the Kuril Bobtail characteristic color tabby and tabby with rusunkom.Tebbi with a pattern occurs most frequently. Figure includes several mandatory elements in common: thin lines on the face, expressive obvodyaschie dark rimmed eyelids and nasal mirror, and forming the letter "M" on her forehead, curls (two to three spirals) on the cheeks, the closed band "necklace "(at least 3) on the chest, the rings on the legs and tail, two sets of double spots along the abdomen. If any figures on the ears is a bright spot - a thumbprint. " Just tabby have mentioned elements of the picture, except in the body.
  • There are such types of pattern:
Mackerel - the vertical bars on the sides, dark stripe along its back and tail. Mackerel pattern looks like this:


Spotted - uniform round or oval patches on the sides, running along the back of a dark band must be broken (like izgryzannoy) Spotted pattern, the most exotic and pleasing to the perception - the cat with the color of every right to be recorded in carnivores and to ascribe the worst villainy (in edification admiring neighbors and relatives). Spotty pattern looks like this:


Marble or classic - drawing in the form of "butterflies" on her shoulders, half rings or stains on the sides, two strips along the back, which merge at the root of the tail, and continuing along the tail as one .. Very difficult to get a clear bright image on a semi-long haired coat, but with the right harlequin animals are very impressive looking and impressive judges at exhibitions. Marble pattern looks like this:


Codes of colors

Kod okpaca zapicyvaetcya in RESIDENCE XXX.xx.NN.NN.NN. (NN), where:

Each symbol rocks color consists of several groups:

1. XXX-Designation of breed - 3 caps, of which the first two species, the third variation of the length of wool (KBL; KBS)
2. xx - lowercase lettering color (up to two letters).

Designation of the basic color - a capital letter capital letter "s" for silver colors of the series or "y" for the golden series (n - black, ns - black smoke, ny - black gold).
The rest of the index indicates the extent necessary, consist of pairs of numbers, the first of which denotes the type described by the trait (eg eye color or the presence of white spots in color), and the second digit describes himself sign.
a blue
d red
e cream
f tortoiseshell
g  blue-tortie
n black
s silver
w white
y golden
x unregistered

NN.NN.NN. (NN) - value pairs of numbers (up to 3-x main and 1 auxiliary):

With the number 2 starts designation of the type of tabby pattern, colors
21 tabby, agouti banding, agouti-factor
22 blotched, marble
23 mackerel
24 spotted

With a 0 starts designation having white in color
01 van
02 harlequin
03 bicolour
09 little white spots

From figures 5 starts designation tail length
51 Tailless
52  remainder of the tail - 1-2 vertebrae
53  7-13 cm folded tail
54long / normal tail

Starting with 6 (eye color)
Pair, starting with 6, must always be present at the solid white color, except in the absence of this pair have in mind eye color that matches the main color for this breed (coat color)
61 blue
62 yellow, golden yellow
63 oddeyed
64 green
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