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Breed history, characteristics of content and behavior

       Name of rocks associated with the place of origin and shape of the tail. In contrast to the dock-tailed famous brothers (American, Karelian and Thai) - Kuril Bobtail one specifically does not appear. This unique breed was formed as if by itself. Closed space habitats of animals exclude fresh blood from outside. Consequently, the island cats can interbreed only among themselves, generation after generation, creating one big family. Related genes are increasingly converging, and this led ultimately to a change in shape and tail length. Bobtail's tail - is unique. Everyone has his own, no other not like, is like a fingerprint of human hands. Call it a "pompom" (that is well furred), or "bob" only for the look, while the structure may be quite different.
When the Kuril Islands were first bobtail is hard to say, but the first information about them started to arrive in the late 70-ies. Kuril Bobtail not aggressive, flexible, easy to learn, inquisitive, perfectly understand and feel a man devoted to their owners. For local residents of their value lies primarily in the fact that these cat-and great hunters of rodents. Kuril Bobtail can sit for hours with a mouse or rat burrows. Swiftness, strength and dexterity allow him to almost always be with the extraction and successfully defend the master's purveyance from uninvited "freeloaders." Many Bobtail living in settlements on the islands are free-range, traffic in the surrounding woods, never, however, far away from home person. They vigilantly guard their "territory", showing aggression to strangers. Bobtail fine fish, are not afraid of water and low temperatures. For these cats red caviar is not a delicacy, but simply a familiar seasonal food. And it's time to spawning salmon is the most satisfying season for them. Progeny along with his mother and father involved. Kuril Bobtail differ excellent health, there is little susceptible to disease.

Today's Kuril Bobtail different from native species by larger size. In nature, usually seals reach a weight of 3,5 - 4 kg, females 2 - 2.5 kg, and animals are grown in urban nurseries, it is easy to step over line 5 -8 kg (koshek-3-5kg.)
Thanks to the muscular and compact body with long and powerful hind legs, bobtail can without a running start, "take off" on high, inaccessible to cats. Features of life in the Kuril Islands have led to the fact that the claws have stopped completely sucked, and now running around the apartment Kuril Bobtail publishes original clip-clopping sound. Bobtail has no smell, possibly due to the fact that the Kuril Bobtail recently lived in the wild and get their own food and have a scent for predators - does this mean to impersonate the victim.
Along the length of wool Kuril Bobtail are: semi-longhaired and shorthaired. Coat of this breed is different "practical". Molting usually occurs once a year, in cats frequently - after each calving. Enough to comb once a week is not too soft brush, which is both a good massage for the cat. At this time, it is desirable to buy special shampoo and how to comb the dead hair. Here you have all the grooming.
Some traits Bobtail clearly borrowed from the dogs. Sam chooses a host of family members, and selecting, remains loyal and faithful to him all zhizn.Chasto hozyainom.A talk to who will become his favorite - a small Kuril secret. Generally quite a companionable relationship with all members of the family. When the owner is not home, bobtail quietly and peacefully to snuffle at its soft cloth. But as soon as the boss steps into the house, before it was shining bobtail amazing eyes, full of love, longing and tenderness (as if the owner was absent for a century). And how are suspicious of outsiders Bobtail. Their menacing growl always wary not petitions guests. Bobtail can defend its territory and the master and always advance warning of dangerous situations. There are many cases where the Kuril Bobtail persistently warned people about a gas leak, short circuit, and even on the approximation of zemletryaseniya.Eto very smart cat - it is enough once to show that it is possible that you can not where to go to the toilet and in the future, the problems do not be. Absolutely not difficult to learn to understand the team, although they will perform according to their own sentiments, but that she understands many words from your vocabulary, you'll soon see for yourself.
Curiosity and a desire to be in the middle of the action-driven Bobtail vsegda.Chem you would not be doing at home, the cat will always be there. And even sometimes it is not clear, it helps you or control your actions. The only thing that does not allow Bobtail is handling both the soft-igrushkoy.Vidimo because bobtail always tries to prove to you that he loves you more than you have it. A bobtail feels like the mood the owner ... Stress of course remove any cat. But the real "purring magicians" - cat native breeds. A striking example - Kuril bobteyl.U their strong connection with nature, powerful energy. The most powerful energy punch they can take without damage to itself. Mother Nature truncated tail bobtail, he added a rare spatial orientatsiyu.Poetomu and the vestibular apparatus in bobtail very well developed. The vestibular apparatus is connected with the organs of hearing, which, in turn, are connected with the kidneys, so people suffering from diseases of these organs, it is desirable to start the Kuril Bobtail.

And if you're upset or you have a bad feeling, the cat sits quietly beside his portrait on the forehead favorite host body and its zakurlykaet quietly relaxing song. But the most important quality Kuril Bobtail cats - can not they be offended and seek revenge. Yes, and you can not long be angry with her if she decides to get up to mischief and hunt. Hangdog look of this miracle will melt any heart ... And yet, this cat is cunning, witty and affectionate. Well, as this is not love!


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